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Class2 Digital Signature

Used For Employee Provident Fund,Income Tax E-Filling,MCA21,ROC More

Class 3 Digital Signature

Used For E-Tendering Trade Mark Registration e-procurement,e-bidding. More

DGFT Digital Signature

Used For Inport – Export License ion India More

What is Digital Signature?

Digital signature certificate (DSC) are digital conversion of paper certificates like ID proof, address proof and other contact details of a certificate holder. Before the digital era there was a requirement of many physical paper certificates to show the person’s identity. In India many departments like EPF, E- tendering, Income Tax, DGFT, has made digital signature certificate as a compulsory requirement for online form filling. Minimum validity of digital signature (DSC) is 1 year and the maximum is 2 years.

What is Cryptographic USB Token?

Cryptographic USB Token is a removable storage device and looks like a USB pen drive .CCA (Controller of certifying authority) India published GO (Government Order) that only FIPS certified USB Token must be used to download and store digital signature. Watch data Proxy Key and Trust Key cryptographic USB Tokens are FIPS certified and plug and play. The USB Token driver is inbuilt and there is no need of any external CD for driver.

Why Digital Signature Certificate Required?

Usually physical/hard copy form submission takes a lot of time to reach its destination to overcome lots of paper wastes and time delay online form introduced. To maintain authentic user integrate there was a need of digital and secure identity. Digital signature certificate became the correct solution for these needs.

Who is Digital Signature Certificate issuing authority?

Controller of certifying authority (CCA) a department of government India has appointed some certifying authority for DSC. Certifying authority again re-certified there registration authority to issue a digital signature certificate (DSC) to their clients or end user.

Class2 Digital Signature

Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate is mandatory requirement to become a director of company. When filling return of a company user have to use digital signature certificate for online authentication in ROC website. Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate is also used for high tax payer in income tax website and EPF India Website for employers.

Class 3 Digital Signature

Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate is used for E-tendering purpose this signature is more secure rather than class 2 Digital Signature Certificate. Class 3 digital signatures are two types.

  • Singing Digital Signature
  • Encryption Digital Signature

Both signatures combined called combo digital signature. This signature is also used in E-procurement by government departments and companies.

DGFT Digital Signature

DGFT Digital signature certificate is used for Director General of foreign trade website. This signature is related to importer and exporter. If Export and Import Organizations (EXIM organizations) have DGFT Digital Signature then they can authenticate and fill online forms in DGFT websites.

How to get Digital Signature Certificate in Haldwani?

  • Download the application form: Download application form for Individual. For other type of Digital signature Certificate (DSC) form you may download from download form section in http://technotraindigital.com.
  • Affixed passport size photo in downloaded DSC form
  • Arrange photocopy of Pan card, Address proof, ID proof, then self attached all documents
  • Document may be attested by Gazetted officer or RA(Registration Authority)
  • Submit all documents to our Delhi office.
  • Applicant will get Digital Signature in USB cryptographic token after document verification.

Technotrain Digital Signature Certificate Provider in Haldwani

Techno Train is authorized RA for Digital Signature Certificate Provider in Haldwani. Techno Train provides FIPS Certified USB Dongle for Digital Signature Certificate. Techno Train provides Class 2 & Class 3 digital signature Certificate for ROC , Income Tax , EPF,E-Tendering, E-Procurement,DGFT.

Digital Signature Certificate uses in Haldwani

Haldwani state government and many center government departments are implementing e-governance. Digital Signature Certificate is now primary requirement for e-governance project in Haldwani. Department of Delhi like PWD, Sale Tax Are using Digital Signature Certificate Services and USB Token for online authentication of end user.

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